Sari Sari Print Bundle - [PREORDER]

25 USD

A zine while dedicated to sari-sari stores, also includes other Philippine sights I'm really fond of such as beaches, streets and rice fields. Sari Sari means variety in English and as such, these quaint shops found almost everywhere can pretty much hold everything you need!

This bundle will come with 4 A5 prints!

Honored to have Issel De Leon as a guest artist!

Size: A5 (5.8" x 8.3")
Binding: Saddle-stitch (hoping I can request for perfect binding)
Pages: 32 including Cover

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER! If everything goes as scheduled! c:

September 10 - 22 - Preorder period (may change depending on interest)
September 25 - October 4 - Printing Period
October 7 - 21 - Shipping Period (Will have to do everything in batches as I can only ship during Saturdays)

For those in the Philippines, this will be available in Komiket on October 14!

Hopefully everyone will have their books by November or before December!
Thank you so much for your interest! I'm really happy this small dream of mine could come true!